The challenge is to walk Wainwright's, 190 mile Coast to Coast path from St. Bees in the West to Robin Hood's Bay in the East or vice versa and be totally self-contained and unsupported with no re-supply. Wild camping, obtaining water from natural sources and carrying all food and equipment for the proposed 12 day trip. In this manner the walk becomes free or "unplugged" and is part of my larger Four Nation's coast to coast endeavour, of which details can be found at

Things are coming together nicely, the food which is going to be heaviest item looks like it will weigh in at one kilo per day, providing a daily target of 4000 Calories. That's 12 Kilograms of food, the only saving grace is this will reduce by 1 Kilogram for every new day.
I'm setting myself a total weight of 25 Kilo's, thats including clothing worn but this is looking optimistic at the moment.
The weather has been the determining factor as to when to leave and at present, around the second week of June looks like a probable start date.