The challenge is to walk Wainwright's, 190 mile Coast to Coast path from St. Bees in the West to Robin Hood's Bay in the East or vice versa and be totally self-contained and unsupported with no re-supply. Wild camping, obtaining water from natural sources and carrying all food and equipment for the proposed 12 day trip. In this manner the walk becomes free or "unplugged" and is part of my larger Four Nation's coast to coast endeavour, of which details can be found at

1.97kg of packaging and waste was collected and packed out at the end of the trip. Absolutely no waste was left behind, tea bags and coffee bags were collected, opened and the contents dispersed over a large area at the time of use. One toilet roll and twelve wet wipes were used and buried in deep holes, over the entire trip, all other wet wipes and tissue being packed out.

Codes of conduct were adhered to ie. countryside code and the informal wild camping code, which is outlined here.