The challenge is to walk Wainwright's, 190 mile Coast to Coast path from St. Bees in the West to Robin Hood's Bay in the East or vice versa and be totally self-contained and unsupported with no re-supply. Wild camping, obtaining water from natural sources and carrying all food and equipment for the proposed 12 day trip. In this manner the walk becomes free or "unplugged" and is part of my larger Four Nation's coast to coast endeavour, of which details can be found at

On the 27th of June 2009 at 5.25 pm, a successful completion of the walk, made in the style described above, was made taking 12 days and 9 hours, walking East to West.
Outlined in the following page is a detailed report on the planning involved and lessons learnt during the undertaking.
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The purpose behind this venture could not be summed up better than by old A.G. himself, when reading afterwards in his guide, A Coast to Coast Walk -

" Plan your own marathon and do something never done before, something you will enjoy, a route that will take you to the places often read about but never yet seen, you will be on your own, unhampered by human beings en bloc, relying on your own resources to complete what you set out to do. Preferably go alone and do it off your own bat, for it is the solitary walker, always, who most closely identifies himself with his surroundings, who observes as he goes along, who really feels the satisfaction of achievement "

A.G Wainwright